Gulmarg Gandola Accident : An Act of God or Official Negligence

Gulmarg Gondola, which is Asia’s highest and longest cable car project, was taken up for execution by the Government of Jammu and Kashmir through Department of Tourism (Phase-I and Phase-II) in the year 1987 and the work for supply, erection, installation and commissioning was awarded to the French Company, namely, M/S Pomagalski of France In the year 1988, the Government of J&K established J&K State Cable Car Corporation under the Companies Act, 1956 with an authorized capital of Rs. 2500.00 lacs

The Gulmarg Gondola Project is one of the highest and largest Rope ways in Asia having a total aerial distance of 5 kms. (approx.) .The Jammu and Kashmir State Cable Car Corporation (JKSCCC) has earned crores of Rupees since its inception, thus proving to be the major backbone of the tourism industry of not only valley but to the whole state.



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The first stage transfers from the Gulmarg resort at 2,600 m (8,530 ft) to Kongdoori Station in the bowl-shaped Kongdori valley with more than 30  gondola cabins in about 12 minutes & The second stage of the ropeway, takes to  Afarwat Peak [4,200 m (13,780 ft)] from the Kongdoori station with more than 20 gondola cabins  in about 17 minutes approximately .

The Gondola Project primarily consists of Bull wheel, cable, cabins and the pylons (Towers) . It is mandatory to understand that it is the cable and not the cabin that moves thus makes the gondola ride possible ; the cabins are attached and detached to the cable through grip system accordingly for ascending and descending journeys at the stations . The cabins are aerodynamic Laminated polyster glass fibre synthetic resin pantographed Structures (Automatic Opening and Closing mechanism), with Plexiglas windscreen of thickness 4 mm in accordance with the avaitaion cockpit technique  attached to the metal framework that transmit mechanical stresses to the frame work and avoid any stress to the shells( Cabins) while ensuring the correct functioning of emergency exit, of the passenger anti pinching device and shell positioning stability.

The towers which carries the sheave assembly (of Diameter 450 and 550)  with extruded and molded rubber, and with a groove to protect twist and turning of the cable helps in the line hoisting  and normal operation of the cable car project. The towers also has a cable catcher, which protects the cable to get off track during cabin swings, Speedy winds or any other factor. The cable is moved with the help of Power driven bull wheel ,with automatic relay based monitoring units using programmable logic controllers.

The topography which hosts Gulmarg cable car project consists of  Huge Pines along the hoisted line (course of station connections). As a Standard Operating procedure, either the tree line coinciding the hoist line of cable should have been Fully Guyed or cut down. Since the forest which is considered as gold of nation can’t be loosed so the Guying of trees along the cable transmission was the only possible solution. Although a huge chunk of forest ( Under Forest Department) has been cleared in the past on the excuse of the safe cable car operation under political pressure to profit forest mafia but a large number of huge pine trees still reside intact. Certainly some trees have been guyed but there are trees that are yet to be guyed and could prove fatal for cable car operations in near future. It is purely a case of  negligence not of J&K State Cable car corporation but of J&K State Forest Department that killed seven people after they were violently flung from the cable car  due to Cable hit by a pine tree under the influence of high speed wind and thus can’t be endorsed to the “Act of God” as the clearance for the Tree Guying is under the ambit of J&K State Forest Department.

I personally am of the opinion that Gulmarg Gondola is fully safe and  this is not any mechanical, electrical or any other related engineering fault that resulted in the human loss and would be in appropriate to call that SOP’s were not followed at Gulmarg cable car project. During the High speed winds, the cable is driven at a speed of not more than 2-2.5 m/s and the system will automatically stop until bypassed to clear the line which is of course to be hit upon by the already setup inquiry commission whose results will take years to come public. There is a huge scope for future to minimize such tragedies by Innovative methods like to incorporate anti crash system  ( Air balloons) for the cabins that could minimize the damage , also the cabins should be properly connected via a wireless system to the stations for the two way communication. Most Importantly the defunct weather station at Kongdoori Gulmarg should be Re-opened, well operated in synchronization with the Cable car project.


The Author of this Article Er. Idrees ul haq Beigh is an Ex- Engineer of  J&K State Cable Car Corporation ( Gulmarg Gondola) and can be contacted at Facebook : Idrees ul haq , Twitter : @idreesulhaq  Mail :


What if Kashmir’s Parvez Rasool was the part of ICT 2017 ???

It was Curfew like situation on Sunday the 18th  June 2017 , in India and Pakistan as people were glued to TV screens to see what happens when the arc rivals play against each other in ICT 2017

The Pakistan Cricket team who beat South Africa, Sri Lanka and England to reach the finals entirely press flat India by 180 runs on the back of a striking century from Fakhar Zaman and a crippling new ball burst from Mohammad Aamir. This delivered their first ICC ODI Tournament since the 1992 world cup, and victory was their biggest India in ODI’s.

While various Celebrities were busy in congratulating Pakistan for their performance, entire kashmir erupted in the joy even before the match results were declared. People took to streets, burst crackers hold  pro-freedom rallies, beat drumbs  to celebrate pakistan’s spectacular performance against india.  This shock loss to Pakistan in the champions trophy final overnight has seen virat kohli & Co accused of match fixing by various people including  Bollywood celebrity Kamal Rashid Khan, who accused whole team of “ Playing by the script”.

From the screen marquee “ Kya Kohli Pakistan mai paida huve?”( Was Kohli Born in pakistan ?)  of  some Indian TV news channels, Reports about Fans destroying TV sets, burning posters ,crying  on roads to  social media bashing etc made me to ponder what if Parvez Rasool, “an all rounder who bowls off spin ,bats right handed  and is  first player to represent India against Bangladesh in Dhaka ( in 2014 ) from Jammu and Kashmir”  was playing in the finals that too against Pakistan ?? Imagine  what would have happened if he was a team captain too??

People of Indian subcontinent are dragged by Hearts rather by minds Cricket nationalism is a meeting point in  Asia, but when it comes to India and Pakistan, its “war”, with sentiments full of adrenaline rush. While the number of those who advocate boycotting of cricket between India and Pakistan is mounting every day, a good game between the arch rivals remains a guilty pleasure even among those who secretly enjoy the “clash of titans”, if only to “teach Pakistan a lesson”


Parvez Rasool zargar who was criticized for chewing gum during play of national anthem before a T20 Match between India and England for over a month, couldn’t have bear this enormous match loss. May be some Pseudo Cricket experts might have called him Pakistani agent and to nuke His house. May be it was a begining of India Vs Pakistan Real war. All I wish that whenever Parvez Aka “Parry”  plays  for Indian team against Pakistan, May he bats well, bowls well and may his performance not become a scape goat.

An Open Letter To Works Minister Naeem Akhtar

Shri Naeem Akhtar Ji
Works Minister J&K

Hope you are fine, in good mood & in good health at your Jammu Aaraam Gah (Resting Place).

As a humble “aam” blogger let me congratulate you for assuming Berth as Minister for public works. Sorry for the Belated wish but Kya Karoo that is no fault of mine after all your Party was about to be put on Olx after revolt from your own ministers.

Taking in consideration of your Letter Reading protocols, I am coming directly to the purpose of this Open letter. Actually I want to tell you so many things but because of two obvious reasons I can’t tell all of them.First there is so much to tell and the second is the fact you already know all of them.

I can understand your love and care for our future thats why  your government issues order on guest, dish and dry fruit control on weddings… without justifying the avoidable waste in our weddings and  without prioritising food safety, healthcare, electricity and well-maintained roads . After all Its your government (Not People) who will be on forefront on social consciousness ; and guess it too was Marhoom mufti sahib’s dream if i am right  ..

Leave Everything aside ,  You are a good human being and always cared for the ReT’s , let me give you a good news so that you may get more connected with people … oh I’m sorry I don’t want to hurt you like Abid ansari sb did by saying ”  you can’t even get 200 votes and are just occupying MLC seat for PDP split” ,I hope you would have telephonically said him ” All Ijjj Welll ” !!!!!

Regarding  the good news Dear MLC ji ,  First Smile Pljjj…. as all Roads in srinagar  are now adays in such a good condition that it seems like a runway not made of macadam but of muddy water with potholes &  this waterway is not any threat to human lives and patients, who get a bumpy & jumpy ride during their travel in srinagar, Instead it helps them to get thr food digested even before reaching Destination.You know na “Appetite Enhancement Technique”.
I can understand , Your joy of referring this Awesome news to water ways ministry GoI and issuing a notice for General public who are not modifying their vehicles like thumbs up adv. bike of Salman khan but literally speaking You are really a lion of PDP under whose able  supervision even Previously a cow  ( Gaw Mata ) got an admission slip for a BOPEE exam although no hand of BJP was later found in it.

I wish you take an “Appetite Enhancement Technique” Drive here in srinagar  and return From Jammu ASAP for some more good news.

With Regards
Er.Idrees ul haq

Note : The Writer can be directly contacted  at facebook : Idrees ul haq , Twitter : @idreesulhaq and this writeup is just to make aware government about the grievences people are facing due to bad condition of roads and not to hurt any one.

Finding love In Lustful World

It is  the most tiring of all jobs, as most people confuse lust with love ,they think lust is love which is but partially true, because lust or the physicality of love cannot evade the emotional or the even more spiritual part of it .

what is marriage but a union of soul do we hear them say that it is the union of bodies ? the point is then why is the physical part of love being thought of the only form of love ,why people away from each other cant possibly be in love ,cant the souls transcend space? cant they assure a union or cant the emotions from the other side evoke a similar emotion in the other person ? why do we need a physical touch , a sigh from our beloved ,why cant relations grow on the things they were initially triggered by ?
Perhaps the materialism of the world has entered our relationships we need sex in return for emotions , for emotions cant exist for their own sake , they have to paid with a cruder and inferior;  a coarser activity of sex . I wouldn’t have referred to sex as an inferior activity but the growing consumerism of markets has effected this pious activity too emotions or money you have to pay to get fulfilled .

In the present world of consumerism you don’t have time for a real relation , a legal one signed under the consent of both religion and society ,so one looks for alternatives time bound relations devoid of emotions which cause fatigue ,and ultimately are broken by the other better opportunities ,of which the person is always on look out . Surprisingly even a damsel may bore a man of keener instincts , he wants all but gives nothing . Relation has turned into a sort of business wherein the person looks for profit ,its all very technical .The profit may need not to be of any monetary value but it can be of a joy which a person feels if the other person strangulates his whole individuality ,if he takes your orders and complains none, this throttling of your identity is the supreme sacrifice which one has to pay .
what is to be done then ,should we stop looking for love ?
Perhaps not, we can always hope for good things , a hope for people to change or a hope for ideology to change ,we can talk about it ,we can and definitely should discuss such matters to illuminate people with our thoughts.There is every possibility that they may think of you as insane because that which is followed by majority is considered normal,but nevertheless you can always make a point .

(An Excerpt from Book Love Vs Lust By Er.Idrees ul haq )

An Open Letter To Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti


Smt. Mehbooba Mufti Ji 

Hon’ble  Chief Minister

Papa 2, Srinagar

Jammu and kashmir

Hope aaall ijj well, 

As a humble “aam” blogger let me congratulate you for assuming seat as First Muslim Female Chief Minister of J&K state. Sorry for the Belated wish but Kya Karoo that is no fault of mine after all you took such a long time to prepare for the oath taking ceremony.

Taking in consideration of your Letter Reading protocols, I am coming directly to the purpose of this Open letter. Actually I want to tell you so many things but because of two obvious reasons I can’t tell all of them.First there is so much to tell and the second is the fact you already know all of them.

Coming to point directly, our kasheer  from ages is known  as  ‘Pir’e Waer’ (abode of saints), Please pardon me I did not mean to hurt your ‘’Self Rule’’ agenda in any way but need your kind attention towards Liquor consumption in our “pir waer”.

Ma’m  I can understand government earned a revenue of Rs 1,008 crore  through the sale of alcohol in 2014-15, almost double of the 2010-11 figure of Rs 695.30 crore and  as many as eight former legislators and an ex-MP have got liquor trade licenses in the state.

I too can understand that  there are as many as 225 liquor shops operating  in the state  and  heart of “pir waer”  Srinagar, has as many as five licensed wine shops, all of them operating under the watch of police and paramilitary forces but why to worry at all . I find slow poisoning by consumption of liquior better in a place where people die young by bullets ( Sigh!!! )

Ma’m whenever i hear about Gujarat model from your collation partner my chest automatically broadens to 56 inches but what about Gujarat model of adopting Liquor ban????

If states like Manipur , Nagaland, Lakshadweep,  Kerala  and  Nitish’s  Bihar can prohibit consumption and trade of liquor , why cannot a similar step be taken in Jammu and Kashmir ????

I know you may tactically reply me that, Liquor ban needs some special powers and not  particular courage to take such decisions but  Ma’m  Alcohol is a subject in the State List under the Seventh Schedule of the Constitution of India. Therefore, the laws governing alcohol  sale / consumption/ ban will be wholly and solely made by the state government……

I am  sure that  very soon you will give a surprise not only to me but to every one of us who are advocating for alcohol ban in the state of  Jammu and Kashmir .

And yes baaji , I was fan of your father’s  politics, I know  you don’t  speak that much, your Moist eyes say it all.


With Regards

Idrees ul haq

State Subject of Jammu and Kashmir

Note : The Writer can be directly contacted  at facebook : Idrees ul haq , Twitter : @idreesulhaq and this writeup is just to make aware government about the grievences people are facing due to bad condition of roads and not to hurt any one.





Here is why Khyber Milk Controversy Seems Fishy

Time when all of us are waging a war against our own Kashmir based milk Brand, I personally researched on this controversy and felt something fishy.

Picture Credits : Internet

Picture Credits : Internet

The process for establishment of milk plant by Khyber Agro Farms Pvt.Ltd. was initiated in the year 1997 and the project was completed and commissioned by June 1998. As a largest milk plant in the private sector with its installed capacity of 60,000 liters of Milk per day with a provision to handle 1,20,000 liters per day Khyber Agro decided to establish milk processing plant in district Pulwama as pulwama was the highest milk producing area.

Khyber Milk Controversy : How did it all begin??? 

In 2013,  A total of 84 samples of milk both toned and curd were lifted by the SMC and 5 out of 84 were found adulterated. These five adulterated samples of milk included Khyber toned and the curd being sold in the market with the brand name of Khyber toned milk and Khyber Active Probiotic Dahi.

In  December 2013  the High Court had directed the owners of the companies–Khyber Milk, Kanwal Spices and Avon Agro industries private limited to deposit Rs 10 Crores each before the office of Director Sher-i-Kashmir Institute of Medical Sciences (SKIMS) Who in turn was asked to file a report about diseases caused by the consumption of adulterated milk and spices by the next date of hearing.

The samples were sent for analysis to CFL kolkatta by the Srinagar Municipal Corporation in March 2014. The sample was analyzed by Dr A K Adhikari on April 2, 2014 and the analysis was completed on April 30, 2014 (Mark the Date ).

On April 8, 2014 (Mark the date ) The high court observed the presence of detergent ,urea and other harmful constituents in the milk samples collected from the market

Official analysis report dated May 2, 2014 (Mark the date ) reveal that Central Food Laboratory (CFL) Kolkata has found sample of Khyber pro biotic Dahi containing detergents and says : “The sample (Khyber Pro-Active Probiotic Dahi-pasteurized toned milk) does not conform to the standard laid down under regulation number 2.1-2.1.4 (1) of Food Safety and Standards regulations, 2011 as it shows presence of Detergent in it.”

In this analysis report, the experts have said that the sample of Khyber Dahi also contravenes regulation 2.3.1 (5) and 2.2.2 (3) of Food Safety and Standard (packaging and labeling) regulation 2011 for violating manner of label declaration and general requirements. “Hence the sample is unsafe and misbranded as per section 3 (1) (zz) (iii) (zf) (A) (i) respectively of FSS Act 2006,” reads the analysis report of CFL Kolkata bearing number G.14-6/DO/2014-205 dated May 2, 2014.

Conclusion :

Never would I reject any possibility of well orchestrated conspiracy engineered against the company; but why am I so much in support of this company? Am I paid or am I in relation with this company any how ? To be honest, if I am concerned is only because of the neat and clean reputation of the family in addition to being an employer to thousands of  youth in my valley.

Is it a case of Corporate war????

I Remember reading “There are only about 200 food analysts in the country, so it becomes really difficult to prove charges in the court,” an official with the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) told  on the basis of anonymity to India Spend   last year . It may also be considered that Khyber has been procuring milk from Punjab and  unfortunately milk  inspection in the state has been assigned to the people with less technological support. Is it any out of state corporate behind this issue to further set back our Industrial Revolution Dream.

Is Khyber a victim of the internal politics of the food safety department???

As the  sources inside SMC Told me that there is  a controversy between SMC and Food and Drug Control Department regarding the Market Inspection.

Why Only Khyber Milk ????

What about  Kanwal Spices , Avon Agro industries private limited   who does not conform to the standard laid down under regulation number 2.1-2.1.4 (1) of Food Safety and Standards regulations, 2011 as per the analysis report of CFL Kolkata bearing number G.14-6/DO/2014-205 dated May 2, 2014. Why this double standard.

After going through the Recent  240 paged Judgement, Sections of Food Safety and standards Act is typed twice  from Page no 29 to 106 then again from page no 106 to 199, Is it what is Known as Judiciary tactical handling so as to increase the volume of the case and make Jurist think that this case is so much strong with voluminous crimes written in it.

Is it deliberate attempt to create Ridge between Kashmir and Jammu Based Industries ???

we have not seen any type of such  closing down establishment judgement for  Jammu  based Industries, does that mean Adulteration in Jammu is zero or the industries are frequently monitored by government.

On Deep research Over this case I found Hon’able  court gave its  judgment on 4th of April 2016,  the Newspapers specially from the Jammu  carried it on 5th  and the same Judgment ( as i talked with one of dealer of Khyber Milk ) was given to them on 6th of April 2016, It seems the delay caused ensured that the department takes punitive action against Khyber and Left them defenseless.

In nut shell all I want to say is the Khyber Agro Farms Pvt.Ltd have been fined for bad quality milk for a sample taken three years ago. They may have improved the quality control  since then. What is needed is fresh and regular collection of samples and monitoring the quality instead of banning the product. I wish We kashmiri ‘s  don’t destroy an industry in Industry less state ,and it should be noted that the brand named khyber has generated thousands of employment avenues in Kashmir , a place where no other industry is ready to invest in due to political turmoil


The Author of this Article is no where related with  Khyber Agro Farms Pvt.Ltd and the write up put forth is research based and the author is not in support of any crime or company, nor any individual, and nor is against any institution concerned with the whole chain of events.

Evening Classes -A New Siyapa of Varsity

John F. Kennedy had rightly said ”change is the law of life .And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future ”, but what about change that is done for change’s sake alone ???

Picture Credit : Internet

Picture Credit : Internet

whosoever comes in power has the duty to make certain amendments in the present system but such amendments should not be made randomly without doing any homework ,changes should not be made just to make your presence felt (in power),such is the case with the new ”master plan ” of Kashmir university, I am referring to the whole idea of” evening classes ”, I am certainly not against developmental projects of the worthy VC but such plans require support from other sectors as well , one among them is the transport sector of the valley .

In a place where students don’t get a bus after 6 PM ,can we initiate evening classes ?? Students after all have to reach their homes after classes they cannot remain in the campus all night (oops !!!!OR they can actually stay back if they are given tents in the ROYAL PARKS of the university, this way those gardens can be put to a better use) but under normal circumstances they need to get back homeland for reaching their homes they need public transport, which we hardly find on the roads of Kashmir after 6 pm or 7 pm, this to me is a problem of great concern .
The second factor is that, are the hostels of university in a condition to accommodate new students along with those who are already staying there??The third very seminal question would be if a student fails to get accommodation at the hostel and he thinks of living in some rented room close to the university who is the one ,who may be responsible for a possible hike in rent (which is quiet possible , due to excessive demand for rooms). Well these may be too far fetched reasons perhaps to criticize the evening classes ,lets then start at the basic level ;does the university possess enough staff to teach in the evening hours ???

The credit system which was started in 2014 in Kashmir university let’s not forget the agony of those students who faced the short-comings of this system in the first two years ,the dearth of teachers (according to the account provided by students) was one reason among many other reasons which led to the initial flop show of the credit system .

On one hand an impressive list of new subjects were introduced, and on the other hand no new teachers were appointed for the same . Students were put in a catch 22 situation, they couldn’t get their degrees without opting for a different subject from some other department, they had go with the whole format of credit system, while the system refused to let them go with it .

Many accounts from students who were from the first batch to deal with credit system (i.e. batch that started in 2014) will tell you that how they went from one department to another department begging to let them have the classes there for the additional subject, but they were refused and the doors were shut on their faces , only some departments headed by some generous people allowed those classes and despite classroom problem they made it possible even in their conference rooms .Rest of the university was in deep slumber , changes were made on the superficial level but they were not accepted by those who had the great responsibility of the actual implementation of the credit system .

Two years on, even today you get to hear that the departments face great difficulty in completion of the syllabus of those additional subjects ,particularly in the absence of experts required to teach those subjects ,( though as per the account of many students ,some departments cover it up by calling guest lecturers ,but that is no practical solution of the main problem, known by the students alone) .

Now the evening classes seems to be a new “siyappa”, as was the case with the credit system, this new Master Plan will also make only students suffer (if not for all times but at least for a couple of years, till they get conditioned to all the trouble ).lets hope that the students are made to suffer less this time , and may they reap the benefit for which this system has been started.

Note : This Write-up Intends to only make our education system better while considering the present prevailing situations of Kashmir.